CIRCLE is the new MIND

Since the 5th generation of MINDers graduated in 2017, there has been no Industrial Ecology joint degree master programme. When the programme coordinators got together to write a new application, they tactically changed the name to Circular Economy, since this is the new buzzword. The name change payed off since the European Commission approved its funding.

There are some changes to the programme: There is funding for four student generation, starting the academic year 2019/20. In total, 62 scholarships will be available to students all over the world. Also, there is a longer list of partner universities: NTNU in Norway, Curtin University in Australia and Tsinghua University in China will joing Chalmers, TU Delft, Graz University, Leiding University and Waseda Univerisitt in delivering the international curriculum.

Let’s welcome these new students to our circle of Industrial Ecologists! Click here for more information on CIRCLE.

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